Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eli Whitney - Modern Day Strongman

Eli Whitney of Hercules, CA is a mountain of a man. Hailing from arguably the toughest and most heroic town in all of Northern California, Whitney stands tall in the face of danger. On the other hand, our hero, may also suffer from some side effects of heavy metal poisoning from the well known soil contamination of the town, due to high-polluting smokestacks from the once thriving explosives industry located there. Hopefully this is not the case, it would be a shame to have a Bizarro Hercules running around.  Bizarro was a pretty creepy dude.

Perhaps what actually happened was that all the heavy metals in the soil just gave Whitney super strength, and took him from Zero to Hero:

While he may not have myths written about him, it is a well known fact in California, that Eli Whitney, of Hercules, once defeated the Tennessee Titans singlehandedly in a bar fight. That's a pretty impressive feat.