Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dr. Edwin (Eli) Whitney

There seem to be a plethora of doctors who share the Eli Whitney namesake. What good fortune for lucky patients. This Dr. Eli Whitney is a cardiologist at N.E. Baptist hospital in San Antonio Texas. One happy patient described Eli Whitney as "A good cardiologist with compassion, and a sense of humor. Always has a joke for you. Besides knowing his medicine he is very good about recommending vitamins, minerals, and life style changes to help you get better. I have mediocre insurance now= with past employer it was good insurance, but he still spends time with me on my visits. Just do not waste his time with lots of chit chat - a little is OK. I like him a lot."

It seems Whitney is always happy to talk with patients, despite insurance problems, what a stand-up guy!. 

For more (universally positive reviews) check out his page on

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